The Traditional and Modern Association of Birthstones by Month

Birthstones provide with several different interpretations. Different cultures and civilizations have interpreted different meanings and metaphysical energies and powers to various precious stones, minerals and crystals. Thereby, the ancient people simultaneously defined different classifications of birthstones. At present, we know about the two widely accepted list: The traditional list The modern birthstone list Although being… Continue reading The Traditional and Modern Association of Birthstones by Month

Know your Birthstones by Time and Season

Going back to the Bible, birth gemstones have been believed to bring prosperity, good health, richness and luck to their wearers. When it comes to avowed precious advantages like those, it’s no astonishment that the birth gemstones still continue to be the most prominent, popular, prevailing and adorned jewelry pieces which one would find in… Continue reading Know your Birthstones by Time and Season

Colors Associated with Birthstones & Their Durability

Coloured gemstones are ranked as per their hue, tonal quality and colour saturation.  The hue is the type of color and the tonal quality is how light or dark they are.  Coloured birthstones need good amount of saturation in order to look vibrant otherwise they might look dull and lifeless regardless of how light or… Continue reading Colors Associated with Birthstones & Their Durability

The Breastplate of Aaron: The First Piece of Birthstone Jewelry?

Gemstones have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers, but all of them share a common beauty. Each gemstone is unique with a special color, birthplace and story. Gemstones come in every color of the rainbow and are… Continue reading The Breastplate of Aaron: The First Piece of Birthstone Jewelry?

How Does Custom Design Happen

Know How Custom Design happens GET THE BALL ROLLING The best surprise is if the custom jewelry is, well, a surprise. However, there’s nothing wrong with designing it yourself or dropping a hint for someone else to do it: “You’re such a creative guy. Sometime for an extra-special occasion I’d love for you to design… Continue reading How Does Custom Design Happen

Birthstone Alternatives

If you decide against a birthstone, you have many other jewellery options that will still make a personal statement of your affection or love for the recipient. Ask your jeweller for birthday jewellery gift advice and also consider these options: HEARTS A heart necklace, from a heart pendant to straightforward or stylized heart-shaped outlines in… Continue reading Birthstone Alternatives

Know your Birthstone

Do you know your Birthstone according your birth month and what it represents? Get an insight of each birthstones in this blog. January’s birthstone: Garnet is blood red in colour and garnet means perseverance, truth, patience and consistency. Although most people think that garnets are only red in colour, but garnets come in a variety… Continue reading Know your Birthstone