Tips To Look For When Buying Antique Lockets

antique vintage lockets for sale at luna and stella jewelry

Women are always on the hunt for antique Victorian lockets and compete to try and have a good selection available anywhere the look for and find. If you are the one who is looking for a gift to thrill the women in your life on one of her special days then vintage birthstone rings are the correct answer. A birthstone symbolizes something close and personal about her, and if that is included in a locket that really shows off her style statement, it can make a very thoughtful and statement making gift!

Although wearing special tokens such as amulets and sentimental pendants are certainly an age old practice, the popularity of such lockets began to increase in the 17th century and reached its prime of popularity in the Victorian Era. A locket that is worn close to the heart and contains an image or a memento of a loved one becomes an incredible personal and close piece of jewelry. At Luna and Stella we offer both a treasure of stunning and beautiful lockets and a slight insight into their history in our blog column.

Pendants are also served as very beautiful and meaningful pieces of mourning jewelry. The low life expectancy and high mortality rate of the Victorian Era meant that the lockets were designed to honor a lost loved one’s life. These soon became highly demanded during the center of the period’s fashion scene. Queen Victoria had initiated this decade-long trend when she herself went through mourning for her husband and mother in 1861, hence, inspiring the society to follow this suit and adorn themselves in black clothing and jewelry replete with memorial significance at the loss of a family member.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when you buy antique vintage lockets:

  • Always look for lockets in good condition.
  • Remember to check the hinges, the finish, and the interior compartments.
  • Try and avoid lockets with deep scratches or damage.
  • Buy only the pieces you love, and you would have a sentimental, personal addition to your jewelry collection.



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