An Insight to Vintage and Antique Lockets


One will always find antique jewelleries having special place in any woman’s heart. From Queen Elizabeth to Kate Middleton today, all of them have one thing in common, i.e. Vintage antique jewelleries. Vintage lockets have always been in demand through centuries. Wearing special tokens such as amulets or sentimental trinkets is an antediluvian practice. Lockets started to become popular during the rise of the 17th century and reached its peak in the Victorian Era. A locket or a pendant worn close to the heart, and/or containing an image or a memento of a cherished loved one became an incredibly personal piece of jewelry.

Wearing something reminds you of someone special who is close to your heart making it astonishingly romantic. For centuries, the pendant that opens and reveals a small space to insert a portrait or a tiny love letter has always been a woman’s favorite accessory. Earlier, lockets were usually served as succinct chunks of mourning jewelry. These lockets excogitated from ancient amulets. The European depiction for lockets show up from the 16th century, when small pendants were worn by women to ensconce small fabric squares soaked in perfume to ward off the poor smells on public thoroughfares, painted portraits, good luck charms, and even poison, at times.

The Victorian Era’s low life expectancy and high mortality rate meant that lockets designed to honor a lost loved one’s life were in high demand and at the center of the period’s fashion scene. In 1861, Queen Victoria I of England proposed and initiated the decade-long progression when she went into mourning for her mother and husband. Hence, stimulating the society to follow this suit and adorn themselves in black clothing and jewelry gorged with memorial significance at the loss of a family member. She wore her locket ring daily. It adorned a painted portrait of her mother, Anne Boleyn, and herself. She also used to gift those in her close circle with a jeweled locket containing her portrait.

Lockets had become a “must-have” accessory for women during the Victorian era. Prince Albert had gifted his beloved Victoria with a bracelet which held eight lockets, filled with a lock of hair from each of their eight children. When he died, she wore a mourning locket with a photo of him inside every day, hence, setting a fashion progression. The mourning lockets were generally made from black bog oak, like the one shown below with the sterling initials on the front. Victorian ladies wore lockets on chains or velvet ribbons.

Vintage lockets are found in a variety of qualities such as, gold with diamonds and other precious stones, gold filled, gold tone, sterling silver, and silver tone. Some have glass, some celluloid covers, and some made and sold without any covering for the photo spaces. Whoever you are, whether a collector or someone who loves antique jewelry, these lockets are an awesome and personal way to display your personal style.

A last note about the vintage and antique lockets that we offer here at Luna & Stella is that most of our locket pendants come with new gold-filled cable chains that create promptly ready to wear necklaces. You would not find lockets of past years on chains, although an individual will generally get one or more lockets separately and then style them up one at a time on a single watch chain.


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