Know your Birthstones by Time and Season

Going back to the Bible, birth gemstones have been believed to bring prosperity, good health, richness and luck to their wearers. When it comes to avowed precious advantages like those, it’s no astonishment that the birth gemstones still continue to be the most prominent, popular, prevailing and adorned jewelry pieces which one would find in every woman’s collection, which of course, their attenuate wisdom doesn’t ache either.

Ever thought why there are more than 12 birthstones as of now? The old ancient birthstones had been revised in 1912 by the Jewelers of National Association, and through the time, famous favorites grew the initial 12 to include bloodstone, garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, pearl, diamond, emerald, moonstone, ruby, peridot, tanzanite, sardonyx,, opal, tourmaline, topaz, turquoise, alexandrite, zircon and sapphire. Now, the months may have three gems as their official birthstone.

Stones have always been a part of the religious and spiritual beliefs of the ancient peoples. Many ancient traditions used them as symbols, tokens, and talismans, in their everyday life as well as in their magical or religious ceremonies. One typical example are the twelve breastplate stones of the High Priest, as described in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. Each of the 12 stones was associated to one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The breastplate (Hoshen) contained four rows of gemstones distributed in the following order: in the first row there were Ruby, Topaz, and Aquamarine; the second row contained Turquoise, Sapphire, and Emerald; the third row contained yellow Zircon, Agate, and Amethyst; in the fourth row there were Lapis lazuli, Onyx, and Jasper. The names of 12 Tribes of Israel were inscribed on the stones. The other example is the association of gemstones with the 12 apostles by medieval writers. You can find the full list below, although it’s hard to tell which of the many lists produced is the correct one. In addition to being used and talismans, however, minerals, crystals, and gems have also been associated to the day of birth of the individual members of these ancient communities. Hence, their use as birthstones.

We have a lot of birthstone classifications. In our blogs, you can find three of the most popular birthstone lists, the traditional, modern, and mystical list. You can check your particular birthstones in either of them by following the above link. As its name suggests, the traditional birthstone chart has a long history, in contrast to the modern one, which is derived from modern considerations. They share a good deal of common associations between stones and months of the year, but also have many differences. Apart from these birthstones for each month of the year, there are birthstones for each day of the month, for each hour of the day, and for each season of the year. Thus we have, Day birthstones, Hour birthstones, and Season birthstones.

Please note: You should take these birthstone lists with a grain of salt. There’s no one that can guarantee their correctness and accuracy. When in doubt what to choose as your birthstone, use your intuition.

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