Colors Associated with Birthstones & Their Durability


Coloured gemstones are ranked as per their hue, tonal quality and colour saturation.  The hue is the type of color and the tonal quality is how light or dark they are.  Coloured birthstones need good amount of saturation in order to look vibrant otherwise they might look dull and lifeless regardless of how light or dark they are.    


Gemstones are also graded by the quality of their clarity and transparency.  Many gems have flaws or inclusions that can minimise the amount of light that reflects from the crystal structure of the stone. The better the clarity and transparency, the more light can bounce off the gemstone and enable its vibrancy of colour to be displayed.


When you buy birthstone jewelry online, it is advised to check the merchant’s product details for information on the gemstones clarity and overall quality rating to ensure that your ring is of a suitable standard for its price.       


An important aspect to keep in mind and to take into account when buying a birthstone ring is the amount of daily wear and tear it is likely to have.  Not all gemstones are ideal for rings worn every day.  Some are better than others at with standing the scratching and knocks that invariably occur with normal daily activities.  When you select rings that will be worn regularly then styles that have been designed with durable gemstones are often the best option.  Alternatively, if your favorite birthstone is not very durable, then look for rings where the gem is featured less prominently or as accent stones enhancing a larger more robust gemstone.  


The Moh’s Scale of Hardness : There are two main elements to a gem’s durability: First the stone’s ability to withstand surface scratching (measured by the Moh’s Scale of hardness) and the extent of cleavage the birthstone contains.  


When you select a gemstone ring that you will be wearing daily it is advisable to select one with a stone that ranks high on the Moh’s scale.  The hardest and highest ranked gem on the Moh’s scale is the diamond (ranked no 10), with ruby and sapphire (ranked 9).  Coloured Birthstones with a hardness level of around 7.5 – 8 are fairly boisterous for withstanding normal daily activities and these include Topaz, Aquamarine, Beryl and Emerald.


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